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Criminal Defense

"Your Freedom is My Priority"

- Marc Gottreich

Client Testimonials:

"Chicago Police charged me with Armed Habitual. Marc didn't like the Judge I had so he took it to Jury and won."

September, 2015 - People v. Butler (13CR10044)

"Maywood Police found a gun in the car and put it on me because of my background. Marc showed that the cops were lying at trial and beat the case."

February, 2017 - People v. Shines (16CR7261)

"Me and my rappy were charged with murder. We both went to trial, and the Jury found me NOT GUILTY. Thank God I had Marc as my attorney, my rappy was not as fortunate."

March, 2017 - People v. Dixon (14CR04928)

"Chicago Police stopped and searched my car for no reason. I was charged with Armed Habitual. Marc proved to the Judge they had no right to search my car."

June, 2018 - People vs. Davis (17CR12746)

"Chicago Detectives put a Murder on me just because I looked like someone in a video. Marc took the case to trial and beat the Murder."

March, 2018 - People v. Johnson (16CR7133)

"Police raided my house on a search warrant and charged me with the guns they found. Marc proved to the Jury the guns were not mine and won."

November, 2017 - People v. Naseef (17CR6751)