Murder, Attempted Murder And Aggravated Battery

Crimes of violence carry very long prison sentences which may be lengthened if a gun is involved. For instance, a Murder carries 20 years and Attempt Murder 6 years with the sentence extended by 25 years if a person is shot. There is no good time jail credit for Murder which is served at 100% and Attempt Murder which is served at 85%. After defending people charged with these crimes for more than twenty years, I have had my share of wins which you can read about below. To win a Murder or Attempt Murder you can’t be scared to have a jury trial, that is usually how you win. Most criminal attorneys do not have the necessary experience to win a case like this and will most likely look for a plea deal. After five years as a Cook County State’s Attorney and now twenty years defending these cases, I have what it takes to win. These cases carry too much time, you must fight them.

We work with investigators and expert witnesses to fight every aspect of the case. For instance, we don’t rely on the Detective’s report of a witness, we send our own investigator to talk with witnesses. Also, cell tower records which show a person’s location, DNA and fingerprint evidence, as well as ballistics analysis must be reviewed by an expert. Your case is too important to trust the State’s evidence. If you hire our team of attorneys, investigators and experts you can rest assured that we have the experience, determination and skill to win your case.


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