Criminal Defense

The cases listed below are felony crimes. Each one could send you to the penitentiary and seriously impact your future employment and freedom. Don’t think these cases are like misdemeanors where you just get a slap on the wrist. You need an aggressive attorney with experience to protect you and your future. As you can see below, we not only have experience, but more importantly, SUCCESS.

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Aggravated Battery and Attempted Murder

Crimes of violence carry very long prison sentences which may be lengthened if a gun is involved. You can be charged with Aggravated Battery...

Murder Cases

Everyone knows what murder is. What most people do not know is that if you are convicted of murder, the minimum time in jail is 20 years, and if a handgun is used then the minimum is 45 years and that all that time ...

Sexual Assault Cases

Sex cases usually begin with a simple allegation, or in other words, a statement against another person which may or may not be true. Even with such little evidence, the State may still bring the case.

Drug Cases

The State’s Attorney in recent years has been very lenient on drug possession cases. Even if you have a background, we have been successful in receiving deferred prosecution or even dismissals in these types of matters.

DUI Cases

If you have no background, a Driving Under the Influence case is a misdemeanor. However, if you have prior DUI cases, or a revoked license, the State could charge you with a felony. In fact, the State can even charge you with a felony...

Domestic Battery

These are cases involving family or household members. The charges include domestic battery, telephone harassment, assault, and criminal damage to property. If a person is found guilty or pleads guilty to domestic battery

Burglary and Robbery

Burglary and Residential Burglary concern situations where property is taken from someone’s car, garage, or house. Robbery and Armed Robbery concern situations where property or possessions are taken from a person by force.

Gun Cases

In Illinois, even if you have NO criminal background, the minimum sentence for a gun case is one year in the penitentiary; YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PROBATION! Also, if you are already a convicted felon, you are not allowed to have...


Under the newly updated Illinois expungement and sealing statute, you can now expunge certain convictions from your record. Even if you cannot completely expunge your criminal record, you may qualify to seal your past convictions...

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